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4 in 1 Cable Charger

This charger includes everything you need to charge your device from a USB port. Comes with iPhone charger IOS Androidand Samsung Galaxy Note. Ideal for travelling. Colours: White, Dimension: 1060mm fully extended
From $6.44 To $7.62

3 in 1 Phone Charger

This 3-in-1 USB charger restores battery life to devices like smartphones, MP3 players and tablets. The cable splits into three, with ends to fit 30-pin, 8-pin lightning or MicroSD connectors, allowing devices to be synced and charged at the same time. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, iPod, Nokia, HTC and Samsung. Colours: White, Dimension: 80mm w x 55mm h
From $7.12 To $8.88

Car Vent Holder with Dome

The mount easily installs and removes to take anywhere, simply apply the metal disc to phone via adhesive and clip mount into the air vent. The magnetic mount securely holds your phone with no sticky residue and fits most straight automobile air vents. Colours: Black, Dimension: 50mm l x 35mm w overall
From $6.40 To $7.56

Serpent 3 in 1 Charging Cable

Massive 3 metre cable lets you charge at a distance. No longer will you have to cuddle up with your nearest power point. In addition to the amazing length, you have a 3 in 1 charging unit equipped with a micro USB, lightning connector and USB C adaptor. Includes plastic storage tube for easy storing when not in use. Colours: Black or Blue, Dimension: 140mm H x 40mm Diameter
From $8.34 To $9.86

3 in 1 Charging Envelope

1 Metre long 3 in charging cable including micro USB, lightning connector, and USB C adapter. Cord and snap closure carrying case are made of high grade stitched PU. Colours: Grey, Dimension: 100mm w x 70mm h x 25mm d
From $8.64 To $10.24

Urban Explorer Gadget Zip Case

Ultra convenient zippered gadget case that is perfect for storing all your tech accessories and charging cables on the go. Elastic straps criss-cross inside allowing you to store items of different sizes. Features inside zippered mesh pocket and USB holder inside. Colours: Grey, Dimension: 190mm w x 240mm h
From $15.14 To $17.70

THETA 6000mAh Power Bank

Power Bank with black rubber finish. Input/Output 5V-1A, Volt 3.7V, WH14.8 Supplied with standard Micro USB cable. Stunning mirror finish decoration. Supplied in black box. Colours: Black, Dimension: 67mm W x 127mm H
From $47.06 To $57.48

Tech Kit Pouch

Zippered clip-on pouches offer the perfect opportunity for creating a tech kit. When you purchase these pouches along with one or two other tech accessories you can request for them to be inserted into the pouch at no additional cost. Great for earbuds, charging cables, microfibre cloths, USB's, silicone wallets and more! Colours: Black, Blue, Lime Green, Orange, Purple, Red, Dimension: 130mm w x 90 h
From $3.30 To $3.82

Smart Phone Fish Eye Lens

Includes two 180º Lenses (.5 and .67 Magnification), and clip. Macro lens ships attached to .67 lens. Can be used separately or together. Colours: Black, Dimension: 90mm w x 65mm h x 25mm d
From $6.36 To $7.50

The Electra USB Car Charger

A USB car charger for mobile phones, MP3 players, and other electronic devices in your car. The charger plugs into any standard cigarette lighter. Charger has an LED power indicator. Cords are not included. Should be used with devices pulling 1 AMP or less. Colours: White, Blue or Black, Dimension: 54mm w x 23mm h
From $2.80 To $3.44

The Deux Port USB Car Charger

Charges USB powered devices in vehicles. Comes with LED power indicator. Lightweight and compact. Charges either 1 tablet device or 2 mobile phones simultaneously. Cords are not included. Individually packaged in a white box. Colours: White, Dimension: 101mm
From $5.02 To $5.80

3 in 1 Retractable USB Charger

This charger includes everything you will need to easily and quickly charge your mobile phone from a USB port. Helps to avoid tangled or bulky messes. Comes with iPhone Charger and Mini USB connectors. Compact and perfect for travelling. Imprint directly on the item or have a full colour digital insert. Colours: Black or White, Dimension: 775mm Fully Extended
From $5.46 To $6.44

The Lugano 3 in 1 Charger

"Swiss army knife" type usb cable. Compact, practical and attractive, multi-function usb cable. 3 connectors (Micro USB, iPhone4, iPhone5 & 6) in one. Compatible with most smart phones. Turn the switch to control the gadget for charging and transmitting data. Colours: White, Dimension: 93mm w x 20mm h
From $7.64 To $9.34

The Power Bank Bar

A great personal charger for smart phones and other devices. Connect both USB and Micro USB chargers to the charger to use or power up the charger. The smart chip inside detects when it is being charged and charging a phone. Price includes universal cable. Power capacity 2200mAh. UL Listed. Colours: Silver, Blue or Black, Dimension: 90mm w x 25mm h x 25mm d
From $11.68 To $13.78

The Karera Power Bank

The Karera Power Bank is a great tool for recharging your Smartphone. To use, simply charge Power Bank and keep on hand for when your Smart device loses battery. Includes 2000 mAh power with a full 1.5 amps of output & universal cable. UL Listed. Colours: Red, Blue or Black, Dimension: 196mm w x 25mm h
From $11.56 To $13.66

The Ballina 2200 Power Bank

A super slim 2200 mAh lithium ion power bankbattery charger with a flashlight for charging yourfavourite devices. Includes universal cable. UL Listed. Colours: White, Dimension: 60mm w x 110mm h
From $17.60 To $20.82

The Lismore 3200 Power Bank

A slim 3200 mAh lithium ion power bank battery charger with a flashlight for charging your favourite devices. Includes universal cable. UL Listed. Colours: Black, Dimension: 65mm w x 100mm h
From $20.70 To $24.52

The Wexford 4200 Power Bank

A powerful 4200 mAh lithium ion power bank battery charger with 2 charging ports, a 1.1amp for smart phones and a 2.1amp to charge an iPad. Also includes an LED flashlight. Includes universal cable. UL Listed. Colours: White, Dimension: 63mm w x 96mm h
From $21.44 To $26.20

The Coloma Mobile Phone Holder

Holds iPods, Androids and other electronic/video devices vertically or horizontally for use in the home or office. This can also hold an iPad horizontally, but not vertically. Holds your device at a comfortable reading or viewing angle.  Colours: Blue, White, Dimension: 50mm w x 55mm h
From $1.86 To $2.18

Smart Phone Arm Band

Keep your Smart Phone safe while on a run, jog or walk with the Smart Phone Arm Band. Protecting against most elements and even sweat, the soft band wraps around your arm or leg and is held secure with an adjustable velcro strap. Outside key pocket allows for safe keeping. Use your phone while inside the clear protective cover. Logo can be imprinted on top side as shown in image. Colours: Blue, Red or Black , Dimension: 184mm w x 158mm h
From $5.52 To $6.52

Smart Wallet

Great for holding cards, cash, tickets, ID, earphones and more. Made from durable silicone, it attaches to the back of your phone and removes easily. 3M adhesive tape backing sticks to both phones and cases. Fits most flat backed smart phones.  Colours: Black, Blue, Orange, White, Red, Cyan, Lime, Green, Pink, Purple or Yellow, Dimension: 56mm x 86mm
From $1.66 To $1.94

Kickstand Smart Phone Wallet

Holding 2-3 credit and/or ID cards, this handy giveaway is made of soft protective silicone with 3M tape that can be easily attached and removed to the back of your phone. Use the kickstand to hold your smart phone upright for true, hands-free viewing or wrap your headphones around the stem to avoid loose cords. Have your logo or message imprinted on yours to capitalize on all the exposure. Patent Pending. Available in multiple colours. Colours: Black, Blue, Light Green, Red or White, Dimension: 92mm w x 53.9mm h
From $2.18 To $2.54

2-in-1 Smart Wallet

Hold 2-3 credit and/or ID cards with this handy giveaway made of soft silicone. The adhesive backing fits snugly to any smartphone, tablet or other device. The smooth microfiber cloth peels away to clean down any computer screen tablet or phone and can be reattached. Colours: White, Blue, Red, Green, Black, Grey and Yellow, Dimension: 56mm w x 88mm h
From $3.98 To $6.26

The Ultra Slim Power Bank

An ultra slim 2200 mAh lithium ion power bank battery for charging your favourite devices. UL Listed. *New Charging Cord (attached) is being phased in with white colour. Colours: White, Dimension: 63mm w x 96mm h x 5mm d
From $13.66 To $16.16

Deluxe Smart Phone Wallet

Silicone smart phone wallet with two pockets for carrying credit cards, ID cards and more. Strong adhesive backing sticks to both phones and phone cases. Fits most flat backed smart phones. Colours: Black, Red, Green, Blue, Cyan or White, Dimension: 58mm w x 95mm h
From $2.18 To $2.56

Car Vent Mobile Stand

Holder clips conveniently onto your vehicles air conditioning vents. Space for phone can be adjusted to approximately 85mm wide to hold larger phones. Colours: Red, Blue or White, Dimension: 98mm w x 28mm h 50mm d
From $2.52 To $3.08

The Durban Flash Drive

The Durban flash drive is available in 2gb or 4gb. Colours: Red, Blue, Green or Black, Dimension: 54mm w x 19mm h
From $9.72 To $11.82

Slider Powerbank

A unique 2200mAh slide to open power bank with rubberised colour trim and built in torch. Great for charging your favourite devices on the go, simply slide open the power bank to reveal the charging port. When not in use power bank slides shut providing sleek and elegant design. Includes 3 in 1 charging cable.  Colours: Cyan, Lime, Red or Black, Dimension: 105mm w x 25mm h
From $13.92 To $16.46

The Slate Wireless Speaker

The speaker box uses interaction technology, Simply place a mobile device on top of the speaker and the sound from the internal speaker will be magically amplified. The item is compatible with most smart phones and has a soft rubberised finish. Simply lay the phone down flat, screen side up and slide it around until it hits the correct spot for your phone. Includes 3 AA batteries. Colours: White or Black, Dimension: 121mm w x 68mm h
From $19.10 To $21.64

Glass Screen Protector

Tempered Glass Screen Protector with rounded corners- Anti-fingerprint olephobic coating with silicone bubble-free adhesive- Built-in anti-shatter film keeps it in one piece for safe and easy removal- Works with touch ID sensor- Available for iPhone 6, 6 Plus and Samsung S5Laser engraved logo only. Colours: Black
From $9.24 To $11.56
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